High Elven Warrior

John Howe Signature Edition

Limited Edition

High Elven Warrior

John Howe Signature Edition

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Lord of the Rings trilogy Darkside Collectibles Studio presents the first Statue of the Armies of the Eldar Collection, The High Elven Warrior.

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In the second age of middle earth, the conjoined army of Elves under Gil-galad, High King of the Ñoldor, King Oropher of the Woodland Realm and King Amdír of Lothlórien joined with King Elendil’s host from Arnor and Gondor to create the most significant force assembled in Middle-earth to face the armies of the Dark Lord Sauron.Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Lord of the Rings trilogy Darkside Collectibles Studio presents the first Statue of the Armies of the Eldar Collection, The High Elven Warrior.

Based on the concept art of the legendary middle earth artist John Howe, this work of art is sculpted in perfect balance to feature alternative display options and at the same time give the iconic look of the high elven warrior swordman from the film prologue.

Immaculately sculpted to the highest detail the statue features a complete set of interchangeable arms for displaying the High Elven Warrior using various combinations of his high detailed arsenal as swordsman, lancer or archer. With three display options to choose from, this work of art can satisfy the most demanding middle earth collector.

For the first time a painting technique is introduced where depending on the display lighting, the colors of the character change. The Elven warrior will appear more gold when displayed under warm light and more Greenish if it’s displayed under cold light. This gives the ability to collectors not only to display the statue under different weaponry but also under different colors making each statue unique.

Beautiful and stylish the statue captures all the detail of the character. From the varying tone costume to the complete arsenal, all have been developed with stunning accuracy and detail that will satisfy all middle earth fans.

With a spectacular finish, no matter which angle you look at the statue, this is the ultimate High Elven Warrior.

One (1) Art-print individually hand signed by John Howe.
One (1) Right arm holding sword.
One (1) Left arm holding sword.
One (1) Right arm holding arrow.
One (1) Left arm holding bow.
One (1) Right arm holding Spear.
One (1) Left arm holding Shield.
One (1) Elven Arrow.
One (1) Spear.
One (1) free to place Orc helm base accessory
One (1) Detailed Dagorlad ground themed Base

© 2023 E.M.A Legendary Collectibles Group Ltd / DarkSide Collectibles Studio

© New Line Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and the names of the characters, items, events and places therein are ™ of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc. (S23)

Scale: 1/3
Product Size:
H: 93cm (36.61 inches) with sword / 105 cm (41.43 inches) with bow
D: 45 cm (17.71 inches)
W: 57 cm (22.44 inches) sword, bow / 88 cm (34.64 inches) with spear
Product Weight: — 20 Kgr
Box Dimensions: TBD

Art Print Features
W 58 cm (22.84 Inches) x H 42 cm (16.54 Inches) fine art print.
100% cotton, acid-free, matte Museo Rag 300GSM.
Individually Hand signed by the artist, John Howe.
Seal of authenticity.

Prototype sample shown. Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Creative Team

Creative Director
Lefteris Minopoulos.

Concept Art
John Howe.

Art Director
John Howe.
Jason X.

Pablo Perdomo
Marcel Nilo

Alvise Ardenghi.

The Darkside Collectibles Studio Design and Development Team.


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