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Limited Edition

DarkSide Collectibles Studio™ Proudly presents Street Fighter™ Ryu

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Silent, respectful and powerful, Ryu is one of the most resolute warriors in the world’s premier fighting game series Street Fighter, and the only character to appear in every Street Fighter game and every Street Fighter crossover.

Based on the character design in Street Fighter™ V chapter, Darkside Collectibles StudioTM brings to life an astonishingly detailed Ryu. This 1/3 scale premium statue is fully sculpted and stands tall at 65 cm in height.

Standing victorious on a base designed to represent the iconic Suzaku Castle stage, Ryu stands atop the relics of his beaten opponents, waiting for a new challenger to rise up.

Accurately embodied, highly detailed iconic props and accessories.

• One (1) interchangeable pair of crossed arms.
• One (1) interchangeable pair of arms holding Goutetsu / Akuma Necklace.
• One (1) designed theme base.
• One (1) Vega mask base accessory.
• One (1) Vega blades base accessory.
• One (1) Zangief wristband base accessor.
• One (1) Balrog glove base accessory.
• One (1) F.A.N.G. hat base accessory.
• One (1) Sagat eye patch base accessory.

2021 E.M.A Legendary Collectibles Group Ltd / Darkside Collectibles Studio

Prototype samples shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.


• License: Street Fighter™
• Type: Polystone Statue and other materials.
• Manufacturer: Darkside Collectibles Studio.
• Scale: 1/3 statue.
• Product Size:
H: 65 cm (25.59 inches)
L: 39 cm (15.35 inches)
D: 40,5 cm (15.95 inches)
• Product Weight: 15 Kg aprox.

Creative Team

Creative Director
Lefteris Minopoulos.

Art Director
Jesús Izquieta, Jason X.

Fabiano Carlos Coelho, Ioannis Karathomas.

Alvise Ardenghi.

The Darkside Collectibles Studio Design and Development Team